Uniswap UNI Scam Revealed

With the success of the Uniswap UNI token airdrop, it didn’t take long for the scammers to appear. I want to take this opportunity to dissect one such scam so you understand how they operate and you don’t fall victim to future similar scams.

Who is a target for such a scam?

So some lucky Uniswap users who traded or provided liquidity in the past few months saw a banner like this one when they logged in: 

So if you used one wallet account and didn’t provide liquidity you got 400 UNI tokens which where worth 1000 to 2000 Euros/Dollars depending if and when you sold it and it could be more or less depending on when you are reading this. 

Even that the tokens are worth real Etherium (5 or 6 ETH) people got them for free as an airdrop and this is what the scammer is hopping that they will not value it much and risk the tokens to get “more” UNI tokens. 

The bate UNI scammer used

Most scammer know they have a limited time to get your attention especially in the cryptocurrency world so they tend to use flashy and catchy headlines such as this scammer used: 

What is amazing about this scammer is that he/she made even a website with a “nice” domain, which in this case was 


and it even had an SSL certificate. If the scammer used NameCheap.com to register the domain they get the SSL certificate for free and the .FUN domain is on promotion right now for less then 3 Euros which you can pay with Crypto. 

As you can see this is a very low risk for the scammer and to get a positive ROI it takes only 1 person to fall for it. 

How does the scammer attack?

In this perticular case the scammer used the EthTrader Reddit subgroup: 


However other platforms are used and I’ll cover them in future reports and posts. And the Reddit post is simple with just a link to the scammers website. 

Clicking on the link the victim will be taken to a simple clean 2 page website which is deceptively disguised to look like the popular Medium.com websites and the way they achieve that is they put a big M logo on top left and a banner at the bottom to get updates from Medium. It’s very wicked how they do this scam. 

Here’s how the top of the fake website looks like: 

And here is how they use a fake banner to fake Medium updates to pretend they are someone who they are not: 

However, one of the most evil things this scammer does is put out fake testimonials on the site such as these: 

Or this one (there are more… I wont list them all here, they are all fake): 

How does the scam work?

Once the victim clicks on the link to the get the “FREE” Uniswap UNI tokens they are taken to another page in this case the URL is on the same domain and they call is a “CLAIM” page: 


Basically they ask they you “join” the 10 million UNI giveaway with this text: 


We believe that Blockchain and UNI coin will make the world more fair. To speed up the process of cryptocurrency mass adoption, We decided to run 10 000 000 UNI giveaway.

To participate you just need to send from 200 UNI to 10 000 UNI to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back 400 UNI to 20 000 UNI (x2 back) to the address you sent it from.

NOTE: You can do it only one time.


And then if the victim is greedy they go for the kill with this: 

And under that there is an Etherium address where to send the UNI tokens which I won’t list here so no one sends them any funds by mistake. 

What can we learn from this scam?

The scammer targeted only people who received the free UNI tokens. So it’s much more targeted and also they thought of someone got the tokens for free they might be more likely to try to double them and even if they are worried that it might be a scam they got it for free. 

They could have said send Etherium or UNI since way more people would have Etherium but they only focused on people who got the free UNI tokens. 

So stay safe and keep in mind you never have to send token to get 100% back. If you are lucky you get the airdrop for free but you don’t have to pay for it. 

Do you have a scam you want me to investigate?

If you run into anthing that you think might be a scam please feel let me know and I’ll be happy to take a look at it:


And any donations are also welcome in any amount or crypto: 



Best regards, 

Crypto Detective